Confusion often reigns if we talk both of these popular garden crops.

‘I dropped all of my Geraniums past winter’ a keen gardener said . ‘That is hopeless ‘ I answered’Geraniums are totally hardy, but you may have lost all your Pelargoniums because harsh winter with no heated greenhouse or conservatory. ‘

Here is the issue, when speaking about Geraniums we will need to be clear about which crops we’re in fact talking about.

The easiest solution is to not consult with some Pelargonium (the Latin title ) as a Geranium (the most frequent name). Pelargoniums are such freeze tender perennial plants that we develop as bedding plants in the united kingdom. They are frequently the center part of the summertime hanging baskets, tubs and window boxes. Pelargoniums have thick stems that save water, making them perfect for a drought tolerant seasonal screen.

The majority of the species are indigenous to South Africa. Hardly any species have been grown after years of breeding, which has led in several cultivars being released.

There are various classes of Pelargoniums like Ivy-leaved, Regal, Zonal, and Scented-leaved. Some have an erect habit making them perfect for the middle of a pot or window box. Some have a trailing habit which makes them more useful for hanging baskets.

If frequently dead–led, Pelargonium flowers are extremely long-lasting. In reality in britain should you overwinter your own Pelargoniums at a frost-free greenhouse or conservatory, keeping a temperature between 7°C and 10°C they might well blossom annually. A fever of two °C – 3°C ought to be enough to maintain the plants alive during the coldest weeks of this year but likely without blossoms.

The blossoms of Pelargoniums possess 5 petals and are available in many distinct colors including pink, white, red, purple and orange.

However, there are a few similarities since both belong into the household Geraniaceae. Virtually each the Geraniums that we grow in the united kingdom are fully hardy into some UK winter.

Geranium blossoms are saucer shaped and vary in color from pink, white, blue and purple. The leaves of Geraniums could be curved or palmately lobed, including walnut leaves. Much like all the leaves of Pelagoniums, Geranium leaves frequently have intriguing markings and colors and a wonderful odor. The foliage of several Geraniums also changes color in the fall months.

Geraniums are extremely easy to care for, they are perfect for the drought tolerant backyard, they will blossom well in color and grow well on a wide selection of soils. Most Geraniums are low-growing spreading perennials, which makes them easy as groundcover plants, but you need to allow them sufficient distance when planting to prevent them spreading to neighbouring plants.