The text arrived from the early morning via my WhatsApp. It was too early to get a text that is insignificant, so that I reached for my mobile phone and opened my eyes.

“If you would like to envision what Idai resembles, consider Katrina on a steroid overdose,” the very first line read. Luckily nobody was hurt or killed.”

I awakened from my bed. “Hurricane?!? The text came from my buddy founder and woods conservationist of this Mezimbite Forest Centre producing products, and coaching artisans.


The very first thing I did was search the information to get a visual–to place the tragedy into perspective. The nearest city to the performance of Allan, beira, was pummeled.

Allan had defected for Austria days ahead to present a paper. Before he left, he purchased enough food for the employees during April and put it in a container only in case the Hurricane was poor. What Allan found while he was off was that it had been awful. “It required a great deal of will,” Allan told me on the telephone days after. “To maintain myself together when introducing in Austria–understanding what occurred to Mezimbite…”


Allan was met with with by me in a style seminar in Paris before in man fifteen decades. After hearing by a buddy my work in conservation, he had achieved to me through email. We hit it off instantly –and spoke about our love of things–but our love for woods.


Produced in South Africa and become an famous architect, Allan finally made his way to neighboring Mozambique after seeing the devastation of the treasured woods of the Miombo biome he grew up together –chiefly for trivial matters…”merry crap shit,” he will frequently say to me, that translates to tchotchkes and disposables. A teaching fellow at MIT at the time, he chose to leave his place and place his time, effort and talent to something that amuses –to him, to the folks there, as well as the woods.


Over the previous twenty decades of establishing Mezimbite Forest Centre, his humble operation is becoming among the most significant tree planters in the nation –rebuilding small patches of indigenous Miombo woods here and there into a sum of more than 1 million trees within a few decades.


This is a belief which may be echoed around the globe in several areas. This activity led buying the divestment of their business from the parent company in Asia; along with policy among manufacturers such as Levi Strauss, Gucci, and Tiffany’s.


Ears after, I flew out to Indonesia to visit woods destruction firsthand on the Pandumaan land in Sumatra; their woods, which provided for their livelihood and their lifestyle, were removed to be turned to paper pulp or rayon. And even before this, I had been made aware the royal Canadian forests were cut and pulped to make everything from publications to rayon for clothing to paper towels. (Mind you, I’ve encouraged all of my publishers to publish my books on recycled paper. . .Still something I am shocked I must explicitly request).


It is so simple for us to make choices that are less-than-great regular, but such as possibilities, that sit to the supermarket shelves — it a simple fix when choices for decisions present themselves.


The week following Hurricane Idai made landfall in Mezimbite, I moved to combine Seventh Generation, the recycled paper goods and eco-conscious cleaning business, at their “Root-In” occasion in Grand Central Terminal to increase awareness on utilizing recycled bath tissue. If you see their site , it is clear to see that their position on recycled paper goods:”If each household in america replaced one 12-pack of 240-sheet virgin fiber bathroom tissue with 100% recycled bath tissue, then we can save 2,400,000 trees” The Root-In occasion brought a couple of hundred trees into Grand Central, to signify the number of trees we unknowingly cut in a life if we select two-ply made out of virgin forests.

Forest recovery is an alternative, since Allan has revealed, although obviously –their sleeves will roll up and measure up to do the work. What is the most sensible, would be to not eliminate the woods so indiscriminately to start out with? That is where we–the more responsible user comes from –to comprehend our function, educate ourselves regarding the choices, and also exercise our energy through our own way –if that translates into buying a much better product–or becoming involved in local community or international attempts.


Following the Root-in occasion, for which you will see in the movie, a few of the trees were (much to my elation and surprise!) Contributed to Los Sures, the citizen support center I volunteer daily–caring for the hens.

Although I could not help but think about his trees and Allan.


Among my excursions with me, Allan shared throughout the Mozambique countryside when the property had been laid bare –stripped of its trees–it supplied a canvas to maneuver in. When striking change happens is required in a different way — to perform planting of indigenous species to keep biodiversity and the character of the woods. Mother Nature is resilient, yes, but she needs us help her when assistance is necessary and to perform our part.