A thorough review of the numerous procedures which may be utilized to fight this common pest control infestation.

They’re among the most popular indoor plant pests, impacting tens of thousands of families around the UK annually, and, like anybody who has experienced a significant infestation can attest , fungus gnats are as sturdy and stubborn as they’re irritating!

Fungus gnats are attracted to moist states and organic thing in plant land and may be recognized in their mature form since they resemble miniature mosquitos, with long legs and a bigger, body. In their form they’re white or translucent with a distinctive black mind and may be seen wriggling around just beneath the surface of the plant land.

For the most part, fungus gnats are entirely benign as they lack the device to sting people or animals, but this does not prevent them from being a significant annoyance and rather laborious. But while mature gnats can not directly damage crops, larval gnats feed on plant roots, as time passes impeding plant growth as well as killing plants.

You will find no-end of folk treatments floating about online forums, however with such a wide variety of purported solutions, it’s really hard to know which is the best one to use.

I have decided to place my latest gnat infestation to great use by experimentation with the most frequent gnat solutions to learn what the best gnat-killing remedy would be.

As their name implies, fungus gnats feed chiefly on fungus and other organic matter, and are therefore completely reliant on moist conditions. Most fleas occur as a consequence of maintaining plants a modest overwatered. Thus, by waiting longer between watering, the concept goes you can produce your plant soil inhospitable to gnats.

Utilize a classic fork to turn up round 2cms of dirt in the plantlife. This exposes the eggs and larvae and helps dry out the dirt faster
Wait till the soil is dry to a depth of about an inch and a half before watering
Does It Function?
It did decrease the amount of creatures wriggling about beneath the ground, but it did not come close to removing the issue completely. Since many crops can not be under-watered for quite a while, it usually means that as soon as you restart regular watering, then the gnats will only multiply .

Gnats are attracted into apple cider vinegar, making it the ideal lure in this trap that is handy.


  • Fill a broad skillet or bowl (it does not have to be a massive bowl, a little jam jar or dip jar would work flawlessly ) with apple cider vinegar, beer or cider
  • Insert a drop or two washing up liquid to eliminate surface tension so the gnats will drown
  • Cover the rim together with cling film and pierce with a fork a range of occasions
  • The gnats will crawl through the tiny holes at the cling film, however will probably be not able to escape and will seep from the popcorn
  • Can It Work?
  • The most important limitation of this process is that it simply kills adult gnats, and consequently does not fully break the lifecycle, or do anything to kill the 100s of eggs and mammals that will nevertheless stay on your plant land. Nevertheless it did kill a reasonable deal of mature gnats, meaning the breeding population of gnats was greatly curtailed and it consequently reduced total amounts.

Gnat mammals love raw potato, making potato pieces a great, low cost way to quantify how deep the fleas is, in addition to eliminate a few larvae from the procedure.


  • Slice or dice a potato into inch broad blocks
  • Bury potato bits just beneath the ground surface
  • Wait 4-8 hours then pull the balls. If the infestation is heavy, the potato will be crawling with larvae
  • Throw away the potato to knock out all of the creatures cling-ons
  • Can it Work?
  • Each potato slice may only really eliminate heaps of larvae at one time. Since mature gnats can put 200-300 eggs at one time, eliminating a heavy infestation with potato pieces alone would not be possible. However, as a means to quantify gnat population size and see whether your other methods are still functioning, it’s superb.

This was among the most well-known remedies touted by anglers on online forums, so I approached this method with high expectations! Chamomile and cinnamon are strong all-natural fungicides, or so the logic was that by killing off the gnats’ principal food supply, it makes your plant dirt less hospitable and consequently reduces inhabitants.


  • Brew a litre of powerful Chamomile tea using boiling water, let it cool and combine tea with 4 parts
  • Utilize tea combination to water crops as normal
  • Sprinkle Ceylon cinnamon all around the surface of the ground to get a fungicidal double whammy
  • Duplicate for 3 months, or until gnats are gone
  • Can It Work?
  • Within times the chamomile/cinnamon dousing had radically reduced the gnat inhabitants, but during the upcoming few months it did not kill the remaining inhabitants, which was big enough to be troublesome.

A layer of sand or perlite over the plant dirt is believed to encourage rapid draining and stop the gnats from burrowing into the own soil.


Eliminate top inch coating of plant dirt and throw away it
Replace this soil with an inch of course sand or perlite
Can It Work?
The sand coating did appear to decrease the people somewhat, but it was by no means a comprehensive solution. But, it did appear to be a excellent preventative step, which might stop infestations from putting in at the first location.

If these more economical, natural approaches still have not managed to rid you of your gnat infestation, then you’re able to escalate matters with these more potent gnat killers.

A peroxide alternative seemingly kills larvae and eggs on contact, effectively killing all baby gnats and interrupting the lifecycle. Since adult gnats just live for around seven days, this procedure may allegedly completely eliminate a gnat infestation at a fortnight.

It is possible to purchase hydrogen peroxide out of any high street drugstore such as Boots, or internet here.


Mix 1 piece 9 percent hydrogen peroxide with 6 parts water
Permit surface of soil to completely dry out until drenching the dirt in the peroxide alternative
Once fizzing for approximately 30 seconds, hydrogen peroxide will split into water and oxygen, each of which are benign to your crops
Can It Work?
The peroxide drench was quite powerful in killing creatures, though it never fully killed off the gnat people over the 3 months I used it.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Although diatomaceous earth (DE) sounds intimidating, it’s really totally nontoxic and natural. It’s produced of microscopic fossil shards and basically shreds the creatures as well as the gnats upon touch.

Even though the microscopic shards are deadly to insects that are small, it’s harmless to people and animals – physicians even let people to consume it to eliminate intestinal parasites! But, DE will kill the rest of the insects, such as worms and other useful creatures.

It is possible to purchase DE from garden centers or around Amazon. If you purchase DE, be sure to purchase the food tier variation, not the merchandise created for pools.


  • Apply a coating of DE towards the peak of the ground, or blend it into dirt mix if you’re repotting a plant
    it’s a fantastic idea to wear a mask when managing DE
  • Can It Work?
  • DE was very helpful in killing both mammals and gnats, together with great results in a week. After about three months, the people was gone. Even though it’s powerful, it’s also rather costly and because it kills all tiny insects, it is sometimes a risky option, particularly for outside plants.

Effectiveness: 8/10

Compounds Thuringiensis
Compounds Thuringiensis (BT) is a natural bacteria that kills a massive selection of pests. A specific genus which kills fungus gnats can be purchased under brand names like Gnatrol, however these products are extremely expensive to purchase in the united kingdom, operating out at approximately #25 to get a small 250ml bottle. If everything else fails and you need to purchase it, it is well worth trying to discover it on reduction here, and failing that you could purchase it on Amazon.

Luckily, a much more affordable alternative is to purchase something named Mosquito Dunks, or Mosquito Bits, that include exactly the very same germs, but in a lower concentration. You can find it on Amazon to get a fraction of the Purchase Price of Gnat Off.

Strategy — Mosquito Bits

  • Sprinkle pieces on ground, liberally covering every piece of this face
  • Pour a couple of pieces into a gallon of water, and abandon it to infuse for a day or 2
  • Utilize this extract to water the crops as ordinary
  • Does This Work?
  • BT is extremely effective in killing the creatures off and will interrupt the lifecycle of the populace, which means that you may be completely gnat free inside a fortnight or so. Within days of employing the pieces, you will see a massive dip in gnat amounts.

But in case you’ve got a great deal of plants that are infected, purchasing BT products may get pricey, especially in the event that you want the more potent Gnatrol mix!

Effectiveness: 9/10

The Supreme Gnat Killing Option

While independently the various approaches I used had varying levels of success, you may use a range of these in conjunction to completely eliminate your gnat problem quite quickly. While diatomaceous earth and mosquito dunks are extremely powerful, they may be expensive and awaiting the items to ship when purchasing them online can have quite a while. And so, I’ve assembled this gnat killing regime that’s as powerful because it’s inexpensive, and it ought to do away with all but the priciest of gnat infestations.

  1. Until the very first inch or so of dirt, bringing eggs and snakes into the surface and increasing air flow
  2. Sprinkle ground cinnamon all around the surface of the ground
  3. Set vinegar up cubes around the plant and then change them every day. Monitor the amount of gnats captured daily to find out whether gnat people is dying
  4. Insert pieces of potato and depart in dirt for 2 hours prior to throwing away. Repeat daily
  5. Don’t water the plant before the top layer of dirt Is Completely dry
  6. When high soil remains dry, completely drench the soil together with the hydrogen peroxide alternative
    when the hydrogen peroxide solution has stopped fizzing, repeat step 1 onwards

Repeat steps 1 to 7 for a fortnight. In the event the gnats are still not wiped out, or heavily curtailed, by this routine, it might seem you’re coping with”Rambo gnats”. In Cases like This, you’re likely to have to invest in the more expensive options and follow those steps:

  1. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth throughout the surface of the ground
  2. Until the very first inch or so of dirt, bringing eggs and snakes into the surface and mixing the earth into the dirt
  3. Maintain vinegar cubes round the plant
  4. Proceed to depart potato pieces from the dirt every day and eliminate after 8 hours
  5. Scrub mosquito pieces in a gallon of water. Utilize this”dunk-mix” to completely drench the plant Once the top soil is sterile
  6. Repeat measure 1 onwards